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Bakery Worker Jobs at Hovis UK with Visa Sponsorship

Hello and welcome to Hovis. Their renowned and affectionate names have a rich and lengthy history that dates back more than 130 years. Using Hovis’s goodness as its foundation, they skillfully manufacture bread and other baked delicacies. Hobis distributes over 1.3 million loaves throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland on a daily basis. There, Mother’s Pride and Ormo goods are also manufactured. In eight bakeries, one flour mill, and two regional delivery centers around the UK, Hovis employs about 2,800 people.

Hovis’s achievement is the result of a lot of hard work. Whatever their profession—baking, manufacturing, logistics, engineering, or any of the many other disciplines that comprise our core functions team at our High Wycombe headquarters—they are masters in it. The core values of Hovis are integrity, responsibility, and trust, and we want our staff to embody these values in everything they do.

You will have to contribute to a productive, customer-focused manufacturing process through the effective operation of plants, machinery, and systems. If you are a GCSE-equivalent student with prior experience working in a bakery or process setting, you are a great fit for this role.

Bakery Worker Jobs at Hovis UK with Visa Sponsorship

Job Details

  • Job Country: UK
  • Industry: Food Preparation/Baking Retail Services
  • Job Type: Bakery Operative/Bakery Worker
  • Minimum Experience Required: 1 year
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Minimum Salary: £20 per hour

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Hovis as a Trustworthy Company

The well-known UK firm Hovis has established a reputation for being a pleasant place to work. Hovis, which has been in the industry for more than a century, is well known for its devotion to both development and superior quality. Joining the Hovis Group involves being a part of an unimaginable company.

Criteria Required for Bakery Worker Jobs at Hovis UK

  • Fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities, with a minimum of four GCSEs, an NVQ Level 2, or an equivalent degree.
  • Basic writing and verbal communication abilities to explain problems, their causes, and their solutions.
  • Experience working at a bakery Work experience in a procedural setting
  • Basic certification for food sanitation
  • Strong basic problem-solving skills working within predetermined limitations
  • Ability to perform essential mechanical and electrical tasks
  • IT know-how and keyboard dexterity for data entry and access

Advantages of Bakery Worker Jobs at Hovis

Because we at Hovis understand how important it is to have our representatives’ attention, we let them participate in extras for the best portion of their income. The people who receive advantages from Hovis are as diverse as the benefits themselves. Respect for their lives beyond their salary is implied to be one of these perks.

  • Our benefit plan, Hovis Choice, gives you multiple ways to save costs and get cash back on regular purchases. Additionally, it includes universally accessible healthcare and eye care coupons.
  • Additionally, it includes our Cycle to Work program, which entitles you to a brand-new bicycle at a significant discount. They provide competitive paid time off and chances to help people find a solid work-life balance when it is possible.
  • We really appreciate your support through our peer recognition and long-service initiatives. They offer three distinct kinds of annuities.
  • Hovis values diversity and equal opportunities for employment for all. Everyone who applies for a job, gets hired, or works there will be treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, status as a respectful partner, status as a pregnant or nursing mother, race, color, social class, nationality, ethnicity, or national origin, religious beliefs, union membership, political beliefs, introduction, or any other secured characteristic. “Go” mentality.

Job Duties

  • Having the manufacturing of safe, high-quality products under your control.
  • At first, this position will involve working in the plant’s packing department, but there may be chances and duties to work across the whole manufacturing process.
  • Make a constructive contribution to Project Gold Standard overall and the Short Interval Control project.
  • By putting our “see it, flag it, fix it” attitude into practice, you can proactively reduce waste.
  • After the plant is started, perform thorough daily integrity checks.
  • Use the tool and process safely and acceptably.
  • Complete all paperwork accurately and quickly.
  • According to guidelines and protocols,
  • Implementing “Clean as You Go” to keep their immediate workspace hygienic to a high standard.
  • Helping the site’s KPIs for cost, quality, safety, and service to be met.

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How to Apply

Click the following link to apply directly through the Hovis website.

Apply Now


In conclusion, being employed by Hovis UK as a breadwinner offers opportunities for career advancement beyond a simple job. Because they value quality, create a supportive work atmosphere, and provide special incentives like sponsoring visas, Hovis is the best place to work for anyone looking to work in the baking sector. You may discover a fantastic career path that fosters both professional and personal development if you investigate your possibilities.

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