Gold Rate in Qatar 5th December 2023

Today’s Gold rate in Qatar (QAR) on 5th December 2023 is QAR 238.52 per gram for 24K Gold, and the price per tola of 24K Gold is QAR 2,782.03. This is the current 24K Gold price in Qatar as per the market.

Further, specific information on Gold prices in Qatar is given below. This includes both 24K and 22K variations of the precious metal price, measured Per Gram, Tola, and Ounce.

Gold Rate in Qatar (QAR)

Weight22K Gold24K Gold
Per GramQAR 218.96QAR 238.52
1 TolaQAR 2,553.90QAR 2,782.03
1 OunceQAR 6,809.65QAR 7,417.92

Last Updated 5th December 2023

Silver Rate24K Gold22K Gold21K Gold18K Gold

Other Carats Gold Rate in Qatar

Here you can check the 6K, 10K, 14K, 18K, and 21K gold prices in Qatar per gram and tola prices. All prices have been updated on 5th December 2023.

Purity1 GRAM1 TOLA
GRAM 6KQAR 59.63QAR 695.51
GRAM 10KQAR 99.46QAR 1,160.11
GRAM 14KQAR 139.53QAR 1,627.49
GRAM 18KQAR 178.89QAR 2,086.52
GRAM 21KQAR 208.70QAR 2,441.79

Historical Gold Rate in Qatar

The Below table shows you the previous day’s gold rate in Qatar (QAR).

Date22K Gold (QAR)24K Gold (QAR)
5th December 2023QAR 218.89QAR 238.44
4th December 2023QAR 224.46QAR 244.51
3rd December 2023QAR 222.78QAR 242.68
2nd December 2023QAR 222.78QAR 242.68
1st December 2023QAR 219.53QAR 239.14
30 November 2023QAR 219.93QAR 239.57
29 November 2023QAR 219.81QAR 239.45
28 November 2023QAR 216.63QAR 235.98
27 November 2023QAR 216.46QAR 235.80
26 November 2023QAR 215.31QAR 234.54
25 November 2023QAR 215.31QAR 234.54
24 November 2023QAR 214.20QAR 233.33
23 November 2023QAR 214.64QAR 233.81
22 November 2023QAR 214.27QAR 233.41
21 November 2023QAR 214.27QAR 233.41
20 November 2023QAR 212.95QAR 231.97
19 November 2023QAR 213.00QAR 232.02
18 November 2023QAR 213.00QAR 232.02
17 November 2023QAR 213.37QAR 232.43
16 November 2023QAR 210.94QAR 229.78
15 November 2023QAR 211.47QAR 230.36
14 November 2023QAR 209.12QAR 227.80
13 November 2023QAR 208.42QAR 227.03
12 November 2023QAR 208.43QAR 227.05
11 November 2023QAR 208.43QAR 227.05
10 November 2023QAR 210.45QAR 229.25
9 November 2023QAR 209.60QAR 228.32
8 November 2023QAR 211.57QAR 230.47
7 November 2023QAR 211.97QAR 230.90
6 November 2023QAR 214.23QAR 233.37
5 November 2023QAR 213.58QAR 232.66
4 November 2023QAR 213.58QAR 232.66
3 November 2023QAR 213.58QAR 232.66
2 November 2023QAR 213.44QAR 232.51
1 November 2023QAR 212.62QAR 231.61
31 October 2023QAR 214.34QAR 233.48
30 October 2023QAR 215.42QAR 234.66
29 October 2023QAR 215.76QAR 235.03
28 October 2023QAR 215.76QAR 235.03
27 October 2023QAR 213.69QAR 232.78
26 October 2023QAR 213.50QAR 232.57
25 October 2023QAR 212.02QAR 230.96
24 October 2023QAR 212.68QAR 231.68
23 October 2023QAR 211.95QAR 230.88
11 October 2023QAR 200.10QAR 217.98
25 September 2023QAR 206.73QAR 225.20
24 September 2023QAR 207.04QAR 225.54
23 September 2023QAR 207.04QAR 225.54
21 September 2023QAR 207.18QAR 225.69
18 September 2023QAR 207.06QAR 225.56
17 September 2023QAR 206.89QAR 225.37
14 September 2023QAR 205.62QAR 223.99
13 September 2023QAR 205.51QAR 223.86
12 September 2023QAR 206.45QAR 224.89
11 September 2023QAR 206.47QAR 224.92
10 September 2023QAR 206.36QAR 224.80
9 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
8 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
7 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
6 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
5 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
4 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
3 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
2 September 2023QAR 208.63QAR 227.26
25 August 2023QAR 204.42QAR 222.68
24 August 2023QAR 204.42QAR 222.68
23 August 2023QAR 204.42QAR 222.68
22 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
21 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
20 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
19 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
18 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
17 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
16 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09
15 August 2023QAR 207.55QAR 226.09

Important Note

All these Gold prices in Qatar are updated through the International Gold Market. The gold rate continuously changes dailys worldwide including in Qatar so here we have shared the updated gold prices as per the market rate. If you are buying and selling gold then you must contact your local jeweller.

If you have any suggestions or promotions, you can contact me through the Contact Us page.


As of today, the current gold rate in Qatar is QAR 233.41 per gram.
The gold rate in Qatar has been increased for the past few years. In 2023, the gold rate in Qatar was QAR 189.40 per gram. In 2022, the gold rate in Qatar was QAR 178.40 per gram. In 2021, the gold rate in Qatar was QAR 166.40 per gram. In 2020, the gold rate in Qatar was QAR 148.40 per gram. In 2019, the gold rate in Qatar was QAR 136.40 per gram.
Gold offers inflation protection and portfolio diversification but lacks income generation and can be volatile due to economic factors.
The future outlook for the gold rate in Qatar is positive, with an expected rise to QAR 250 per gram by the end of 2024 and QAR 280 per gram by the end of 2025. However, the gold rate is a volatile asset, and investors should consider their risk tolerance before investing.
The gold rate in Qatar is influenced by a combination of global factors, including global economic conditions, interest rates, inflation, political stability, supply and demand dynamics, local economic conditions, investment preferences, government policies, jewellery market trends, and cultural and religious factors. These factor are influence the gold rate in Qatar.
Gold is traded in Qatar through banks, jewelry retailers, money changers, online trading platforms, and private dealers. The choice of channel depends on individual preferences and factors such as transaction size, security, and fees.
Gold trading has a long history in Qatar, dating back to ancient times. The country's strategic location on the Arabian Peninsula made it a natural crossroads for trade, and gold was a valuable commodity that was often exchanged between merchants.
Yes, there are government regulations affecting the gold market in Qatar. These regulations are designed to protect consumers and ensure the fair trading of gold.
24 karat gold is the purest form of gold, while 22 karat gold is a more durable and affordable option for jewelry making. The choice between the two depends on the desired application and individual preferences.
When purchasing gold in Qatar, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, select a trustworthy seller, negotiate the price fairly, verify the gold's authenticity, obtain a detailed invoice, and store the gold securely.

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