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Construction Jobs in Oman with Visa Sponsorship

One of the biggest companies within the oil and gas segment, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), is devoted to giving extraordinary client service. That’s why it includes a variety of openings for experts, including construction engineers.

In the Sultanate of Oman, Petroleum Development Oman is the best generation and research firm. The corporation provides the majority of the regular gas and crude oil output in the country.

Construction Jobs in Oman with Visa Sponsorship

Job Details

  • Company: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Technology
  • Industry Type: Oil, Gas, and Petroleum
  • Key Skills: Sr. C&A Construction Engineer

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Role of a Construction Engineer at PDO

Construction engineers at PDO play a significant role in managing and overseeing construction projects related to the oil and gas segment. They are capable of guaranteeing that ventures are completed securely, on time, and within budget. From planning and design to execution and venture handover, development engineers contribute to the fruitful execution of different infrastructure projects.


  • Educational Capabilities: Candidates regularly require a bachelor’s degree in respectful design or a related field. Progressed degrees and significant certifications may be advantageous.
  • Professional Experience: PDO looks for candidates with a demonstrated track record in construction design, preferably within the oil and gas industry. A minimum of seven years of important experience is regularly a requirement.
  • Language Capability: English is the essential language of communication at PDO. Candidates are expected to be capable in English, and knowledge of Arabic may be an extra asset.
  • Compliance with Omani Regulations: Candidates must follow Omani directions and meet all visa prerequisites. PDO’s human resources department helps candidates explore the visa application process.

Job Obligations

  • Establish and advance a goal-zero HSE culture throughout the group.
  • When carrying out commercial operations, follow PDO standards.
  • Learn from both inside and outside sources, including how to progress in HSE.
  • Ensure specialized integrity and HSE compliance by conducting assurance operations on projects.
  • Encourage endeavors towards ongoing improvement and look for zones where optimizations may be made.
  • Encourage digitization endeavors in order to improve project delivery and execution.
  • Ensure that colleagues in different groups and specialties have effective interfaces and relationships.
  • Encourage graduate engineers through coaching, mentorship, and training.
  • Achieve the timely and correct closure of activities related to major audits.
  • Participate in project execution tasks with the development lead.
  • Throughout construction, commissioning, and startup, help in resolving technical concerns.
  • Provide reliably superior performance, recognized as the highest caliber within the sector.

Job Benefits

  • Competitive compensation packages.
  • Job security in a trustworthy company.
  • Opportunities for career advancement.
  • Exposure to cutting-edge innovation within the petroleum industry.
  • Collaborative work environment.
  • Access to preparation and advancement programs.
  • Health and wellness benefits.
  • Housing allowances or accommodations are provided.
  • Transportation allowances.
  • Work with assorted and talented teams.
  • Gain experience in various development projects.

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Application Process

To apply for construction design employment at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in Oman with a visa sponsorship:

  • Visit PDO’s official site or use reputable work platforms.
  • Locate the career or work opportunities area on the website.
  • Search for construction engineer positions in Oman.
  • Review the work necessities and qualifications.
  • Prepare an updated resume and cover letter.
  • Submit your application through the online portal or follow the desired application process.

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Construction design jobs at PDO offer an energetic and challenging environment for experts looking to create a significant impact within the oil and gas industry. With a commitment to excellence and a strong visa sponsorship program, PDO stands as an appealing employer for those looking to contribute to cutting-edge projects in Oman. As the industry proceeds to advance, PDO’s construction engineers play a crucial role in shaping the long-term oil and gas framework within the region.

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