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Farm Worker Jobs in France with Visa Sponsorship

Farm Worker jobs in France with visa sponsorship are a great chance for individuals who would like to get acquainted with the agricultural sector of one of the world’s leading farming nations. France’s farm work lets you dive into the beautiful agricultural tradition of the country and at the same time also shows you the steps of sustainable farming practiced. 

The visa sponsorship program enables immigrants to work and live in France and thus acquire applicable practical skills and undertake different tasks from planting and gathering crops to livestock tending.

Farm Worker Jobs in France with Visa Sponsorship

Job Details

  • Job Title: Farm Worker Jobs
  • Country: France
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

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French farm workers’ migrations involving visa sponsorship are a great option for anyone who dreams of to job in this specific industry. Here are the requirements of the job:

  • Good work ethic, and physical strength and must be ready to work outdoors under different weather conditions.
  • French fluency can also be considered an integral skill since it guarantees the possibility of more relevant communication on the job. 
  • Sponsorship for a visa may be provided by the employer itself, therefore, having the right documentation and qualification documents close by is a crucial preparation. 
  • Knowledge of farming or agriculture can hurt, but employers may hire fresh people and train them if they don’t have any experience in farming.


The French agriculture sector offers farm worker jobs with a variety of benefits

  • Patronizing farming provides an individual with a practical experience where one gets involved in various elements of farming like seedling and cattle rearing. 
  • Furthermore, these jobs have a visa sponsorship and many of them are either full-time or temporary, giving a chance to learn and experience the French as well as stay in the country with a legal right to work and live. 
  • Working in the agricultural sector will not only bring mental health benefits compared to other industries but also physical rewards for being outdoors and at the same time connecting with nature. 
  • Primarily, farm worker jobs with visa sponsorship in France present exceptional and fulfilling chances for people intending to work in the farming sector


The possible work for French farmers can consist:

  • Planting and harvesting crops
  • Taking care of livestock
  • Operating machines
  • Keeping the farm machinery up-to-date
  • Stringent quality control protocols regarding safety and sanitation
  • Packing fruits and vegetables and helping in delivering them to the retail stores
  • Immersing oneself in French culture and focusing on teamwork


As the wage starting point for the farm workers in France with visa sponsorship is bound to depend on various aspects, namely, region, the nature of the farm, knowledge, and skills needed for the type of work offered, the remuneration top limit can be set at the end of a year. According to the type of job, farm workers in France earn the legal minimum wage set by the government. The salary varies from €1,500 to €1,800 for one month, full-time. That notwithstanding the farm workers with the higher skills or the special bs will earn the higher salaries, and that is up to €2,500 or more per month. Along with rents for housing, meals, and healthcare services covered, these workers may also get insurance coverage for health as well when they are given visas to work in France

Types of Jobs

The available varied job positions include the positions:

  • Vineyard worker
  • A dairy cow farm worker’s job
  • Fruit pickers
  • Vegetable farmers
  • Livestock caretakers
  • Beekeepers
  • Lavender farm workers
  • Farmer manager
  • Agronomist technician

Overall, these French farm worker jobs with a visa sponsorship for the year 2024 are a one-of-a-kind experience that enables you to get professional experience and explore the prestigious cultural and culinary aspects of France.

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How to Apply for Farm Worker Jobs in France?

People who are planning to participate in this program and looking forward to becoming farm workers can expect a vibrant and enriching experience in the amazing natural scenery of the nearest French countryside. French farm worker jobs that can provide visa permits provide a great chance for people to get acquainted with the farming industry from a new cultural viewpoint. These jobs provide endless benefits and are a great chance to move to France.

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