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Pizza Restaurant Delivery Driver Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship

Pizza restaurant delivery driver jobs in Dubai on visa sponsorship not only create amazing job opportunities for people looking for employment in the vibrant city but act as a contributing factor towards the effective functioning of the city.

Besides these positions are a source of regular income and the opportunity to visit the exciting gourmet life of Dubai. In the role of a delivery driver, you get to serve the city’s area, by delivering mouth-watering pizzas to the waiting customers.

Pizza Restaurant Delivery Driver Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship

Job Details

  • Job Title: Pizza restaurant delivery
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Country: Dubai
  • Company: Pizza food restaurants all over Dubai

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Delivery driver positions in Dubai pizza restaurants that provide visa sponsorship for employees must follow some requirements to get the job:

  • For these posts to be available candidates usually have valid driver’s licenses and have a clean driving record. 
  • Understanding the area and road network is critical to serving the customer within the minimum time.
  •  Strong communication skills are likewise necessary because drivers of delivery need to communicate with customers and restaurant staff professionally. 
  • On top of the driving duties, the delivery drivers may also be asked to assist with food preparation, packing, and other jobs in the restaurant, if any are needed. 


The pizza restaurant delivery driver’s jobs in Dubai with visa sponsorship come with an elaborate package of benefits and career prospects. 

  • One of the main advantages of the delivery driver job is that it has flexible working hours giving a choice for the individual in selecting a suitable work shift. 
  • In addition, the majority of these jobs are and pay well even with tips, creating good opportunities to earn money. 
  • Dubai Visa sponsorship is a great opportunity as it provides a legal opportunity for employment in Dubai, securing stability and safety, therefore. 
  • Also, working as a delivery driver for a fast-food chain such as a pizza restaurant can be an exciting and amazing job because you get to explore the city of Dubai


The job of a Pizza Restaurant delivery driver in Dubai comes with certain specific duties. 

  • These drivers are the key to bringing the customers their products delivered right on time and in the right amount. 
  • In addition to delivering pizzas, they are even the brand face to the customers. 
  • They must have bounteous customer service skills which enable them to deliver each delivery with a pleasant and professional attitude. 
  • Along with delivering safely and efficiently, delivery drivers should handle cash transactions, follow all traffic regulations, and organize and maintain the cleanliness of their delivery vehicles. 
  • In addition to being familiar with how to deliver orders using GPS technology and their knowledge about the local area in Dubai, drivers with visa sponsorship must also deliver promptly.


The salary of a Pizza restaurant delivery driver jobs in Dubai with a visa sponsorship can differ from one restaurant to another, and it also depends on the level of experience of a given driver. In general, Dubai delivery drivers have to deal with satisfactory wage packages which consist of a base salary and tips from clients. Delivery driver base salary in Dubai tends to fall within the AED 2,000 to AED 4,000 range per month. Drivers can have this package of work permits and residency visas provided by their sponsor employers. This can be a bonus for some job seekers who are planning to relocate to Dubai.

Types of Jobs

Pizza restaurant delivery driver jobs are plenty in the busy city of Dubai where a sponsorship visa is needed. These jobs present a unique possibility for people to work in rapidly changing fields of trade while experiencing the advantages of urban life. 

Many popular positions include:

Dubai pizza restaurant delivery driver jobs such as International pizza chains

  • Upscale pizzerias
  • Local pizza joints
  • Food delivery apps
  • Catering services
  • Hotel restaurants
  • Airport concessions
  • Event catering companies
  • Food trucks
  • Gourmet pizza delivery services. 

Aside from giving them a steady income, these opportunities also allow the candidates to experience the unique mix of Dubai’s varied culinary culture. Also with visa sponsorship, an individual can enjoy living and experiencing the legal employment sector and the city’s culture and lifestyle.

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How to Apply?

Whether you are a fresh face looking to start a career in this flourishing industry, a veteran driver, or simply somebody looking to relocate to this ever-bustling city, these positions make for a perfect getaway.

Apply Now

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