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Beauty Salon Receptionist Jobs in Australia 2024

The beauty industry of Australia is flourishing, and with the year 2024 coming closer, there couldn’t be a better time to look into jobs available as a receptionist in salons. As a receptionist, you constitute your salon’s contact person, which should mean friendly and hospitable surroundings for customers.

As the task starts right from greeting clients, organizational appointments are essential for ensuring good quality of operations and service. Among other critical parameters, precision in understanding and processing information is necessary for adequately handling bookings, coordinating schedules, and managing product inventory.

Beauty Salon Receptionist Jobs in Australia 2024

Job Details

  • Country: Australia
  • Job Title: Beauty Salon Receptionist
  • Experience: 1-2 years
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree

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Requirements for Beauty Salon Receptionist

If you are passionate about the beauty industry, try being a beauty salon receptionist:

  • Providing good customer service
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills should be desired
  • Picks up phone calls, informing about options.
  • Organization and attention to detail also matter a lot since you must schedule appointments and run the salon’s calendar.
  • Furthermore, the knowledge or hand in make-up can be an asset because you might sometimes become asked to prescribe products or propose some essential skincare tips for clients.
  • You will use salon management software to arrange bookings, keep track of client records, and other core services in a beauty salon
  •  Computer systems knowledge and familiarity with various relevant applications is usually necessary.

Role of a Beauty Salon Receptionist

A receptionist job at a beauty salon in Australia is one of the most attractive career options, and it has several benefits that go hand-in-hand with its kind.

  • Your prime responsibility in the receptionist role is to provide the first impression on clients that leaves them warm and likable as they enter the salon.
  • This position is on the customer-facing side, where you interact with people from different places and develop your communication skills.
  • Besides, being a beauty stylist working in the salon makes you aware of trending products and techniques people use worldwide.
  •  In addition, beauty salon receptionist jobs provide easy working hours to synchronize with other activities outside work.


Employment of a receptionist in Australia’s beauty salon can utilize numerous conveniences, making it the perfect career for individuals.

  • To begin with, it enables one to work in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. In your job as a receptionist, you will get an opportunity to interact with different clients, both regular and those coming for their first time, and welcome them accordingly.
  • In addition, you get a chance to polish your customer relations while taking the role, as you will be responsible for handling client queries and scheduling appointments, thus ensuring that customer needs are met.
  • Working for a beauty salon also involves associating with other talented professionals in the field and learning from them about the latest trends in beauty-related products. This position’s opportunity for advancement is another desirable feature, as receptionists can move up to a managerial job or any role above that within their salon.

Types of Jobs

In the busy environment of beauty salons, receptionists are essential in providing efficient running and high-quality service.

Front desk receptionist: First, the employees of this vintage facility are front desk receptionists who receive clients, set up appointments, and field calls.

Customer service receptionist: Customer service receptionists come second and are experts in personalized attention and satisfying clientele queries.

Salon coordinators: Salon Coordinators are responsible for ensuring the general run of activities in a saloon, scheduling inventory control, and working off habit staff.

Administrator receptionist: Administrative receptionist jobs involve managing paperwork, processing records updates, and ensuring compliance.

Salon manager:  People with excellent computer skills can be exemplary in positions like the leader of software, who deals with salon management software and good digital experience for clients.

Bilingual receptionists: Moreover, nowadays, bilingual receptionists are very popular; this is because they can talk clearly with clients who do not have a similar culture.

Creative receptionists: can become event coordinators and hold salon events themed to attract new clients.

What is the Salary for a beauty salon receptionist in Australia?

The average salary of a beauty salon receptionist is $17 in Australia.

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How to Apply?

To begin with, ensure that you have upgraded your resume to display any related experience concerning customer care administration or the cosmetic industry. Ensure to provide information on any certifications or training you have gone through in these fields. Second, find beauty salons in your city and determine which ones are hiring. Visit their websites or call them to find out about their application process.

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