New Zealand Companies That Can Sponsor Visa Jobs

Are you on the lookout for excellent corporate firms that can assist you secure a visa to visit New Zealand in 2024? New Zealand urgently needs professionals, and NZ Accredited Employers (Sponsor) will make it possible for you to obtain a work permit.

New Zealand firms are willing to assist foreigners seeking jobs in the country. There are different starting wages for various jobs and companies. It begins in New Zealand with a value of $51,650. 

New Zealand Companies That Can Sponsor Visa Jobs

Popularity of Job Offers from New Zealand

Students from foreign countries seeking to work in New Zealand should initiate the Visa Sponsorship Employment procedure immediately. Once the group receives the permission letter, it will take care of and handle the Visa procedure.

They need people with different types of abilities, training, and degrees. All branches of engineering are in demand, as well as jobs in information technology are available. The average salaries for ICT Managers, Specialists in ICT Security, Software Engineers, and Multimedia are $120K, $ 95k per annum. These are some of the occupations in this category of high skills.

Also, Check Hotel Receptionist Jobs in New Zealand With Visa Sponsorship.

New Zealand Companies That Can Sponsor Visa Jobs

Yes, several companies operating in New Zealand can facilitate the work visa application process for foreigners. However, the requirements for sponsorship can vary depending on the company and workplace.

Generally, you will require a work visa for a New Zealand employer willing to sponsor your visa. Before hiring a foreign worker, the company has to demonstrate first that they have made efforts to recruit citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.

Some of the businesses in New Zealand which usually sponsor work visas include agriculture, tourism and hospitality healthcare construction as well as information technology IT. It should be borne in mind that sponsorship standards and the job market may change with time, therefore it would be better to visit an immigration advisor or utilize a reliable employment website.

Benefits offered by the Companies in NZ

Here are some benefits:

  • The median wage of $29.66 an hour
  • Accommodation for employees
  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Training

List of Companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Before submitting your resume, go over the job standards and requirements. The secret is having a backer. To begin with, ask the sponsor to make a deal.

This is the authorized list of visa sponsorship organizations that have been sanctioned by the government of New Zealand. You can verify this here. The NZ Government also provides the name and email of the business. 

Air New Zealand

The key air company of New Zealand, Air NZ operates in 20 destinations. One of Air New Zealand’s strengths is that they are well-known for their excellent customer service and creativity.

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Access Community Health Limited

We have been the hub of community health since the 1920s as we concentrate on home care and support. Our devoted teams of nurses and support workers look after over 20,091 people in New Zealand letting them enjoy their life at home freely.

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AFFCO Holdings Limited

AFFCO is owned by New Zealanders and feels proud to be associated with Talley’s Group, a magnificent leading name in the export of dairy, seafood, and vegetables. We have 12 plants across New Zealand and we are gladly shipping our lamb, beef, etc. to more than 80 countries.

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Alliance Group Limited

Alliance Group Limited (Alliance) is the world’s leading food production company owned by competent and committed Kiwi farmers who produce the best free-range grass-fed natural lamb, beef, and venison. Our farmers value the land and love their job.

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Alsco NZ

For over one hundred years, Alsco has been taken care of both domestic and international clients in New Zealand as they rent the textile materials professionally. The services we provide include uniforms and work wear, industrial linen, floor care washroom services first aid systems business supplies. We are renowned for our friendliness.

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Altus NZ Limited

One of the leading companies in New Zealand that designs produces, and sells high-innovative aluminum extrusions with unique building systems based on profiles is Altus.

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ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited is a bank and financial services company in the country, which operates under Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited of Australia.

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Arvida Limited

Arvida Group Limited is a firm in New Zealand that operates retirement towns and care facilities throughout the country. There are more than 6,750 people as residents who live in 35 retirement communities where Arvida Group provides housing accommodation and care to the elderly.

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Weta Digital

It is Wt FX, which until very recently went under a different name – that of Wi ta Digital – and is one digital visual effects firm in the town of Wellington in New Zealand. It is based in Miramar.

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