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Unskilled Jobs in Lithuania With Visa Sponsorship

Over the past few years, Lithuania turned into a well-established location to look for and find jobs from all over the world. Thanks to the growing economy and job variety, the country provides both skilled and unskilled workers with the required opportunities.

For unskilled job seekers in Lithuania, the chance of undergoing visa sponsorship is indeed another attractive aspect. This article will take us to the place of unskilled employment in Lithuania, where we will learn job requirements, benefits, responsibilities, and expected salaries, and present 10 types of unskilled jobs in this country.

Unskilled Jobs in Lithuania With Visa Sponsorship

Job Details

  • Position: Unskilled Worker
  • Location: Various cities in Lithuania
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Visa Sponsorship Available

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What are Unskilled Jobs?

These positions are critical to different sectors, that impact the efficiency of operations in these industries or service providers. Indeed, they may not require high levels of qualifications, but the fact remains that unskilled jobs require qualities like dependability, flexibility, and a strong work ethic.

Job Requirements:

  • Applicants must provide the documents required to legally work in Lithuania, which might involve applying for a work visa or a residence permit.
  • Fluency in Lithuanian is an advantage but employers also admit those, who have the same level of English or other useful languages.
  • However, some unskilled jobs require a great deal of physical activity like construction or agriculture. Therefore, all candidates for such positions should be physically fit.
  • Unskilled types of jobs are the ones that require people to work a variable working schedule, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, depending on the specific industry.


  • A lot of employers in Lithuania are ready to sponsor visas for a suitable candidate this is the cause of the legal employability of international workers.
  • On the contrary, although the jobs do not require a formal education, some employers provide on-the-job training to develop skills and promote promotions.
  • The employees can expect to get a good amount of salary

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The employees will do physical labor and will be given tasks like lifting, carrying, and other equipment during construction. 
  • Roles in hospitality, sales, and food service often involve assisting customers, making transactions, and keeping a clean, hospitable setting.
  • In agriculture, workers can plant, harvest, and take care of crops while they can also care for livestock and operate farm equipment.
  • Custodial staff perform cleaning and disinfection of residential or commercial properties, keeping relationships and health intact.

Salary Expectations:

  • Construction Worker: €5-€10 an hour
  •  Factory Worker: €4-€8 per hour
  •  Retail Assistant: €4-7/hour
  • Hotel Housekeeper: €3-€ 6 per hour.
  • Farm Laborer: €3-€5 / hour

Tips to Find Unskilled Jobs in Lithuania With Visa Sponsorship

Finding the right job in a competitive job market of this time can be a tiring affair. 

Network Effectively: Building connections continues to be one of the most effective measures for locating job vacancies. 

Research Companies: Before even applying for a job, you have to research the businesses you are interested in extensively. Make sure you are aware of their mission, values, products or services, recent news, and company culture. Ensure that your application corresponds with their values and objectives.

Customize Your Cover Letter and Application: Try not to send out dull cover letters and applications. Alternatively, you should make every application specific to show that your competencies and experience are precisely what the particular role and company need.

Types of Jobs

Construction Laborer: Labouring with construction projects including preliminary site works, demolition, and carrying materials.

Factory Worker: Operation of machines, assemblage of products, and quality control checking in production plants.

Retail Associate: Customer support, stocking up shelves, and transaction processing in retail outlets and supermarkets.

Housekeeping Staff: Housekeeping and maintaining the communal areas and facilities in hotels and resorts.

Restaurant Server: Orders taking, serving food and drinks, and guest satisfaction providing in restaurants and cafes.

Delivery Driver: Transferring products and packages from the company to its consumers’ homes or businesses, which may be done using company cars or private means of transportation.

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How to Apply?

Lithuania offers decent earning options for those willing to work in the country with visa sponsorship opportunities. Despite the low educational requirements, employees can enjoy competitive wages, benefits, and better career prospects in these jobs. Skilled workers are present in construction, hospitality, agriculture, and retail and are all factors in the advancement of the economy. If individuals have the right skills, attitude, and readiness to work hard, they can be able to start a promising career in Lithuania’s potential job market.

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